Basic yet chic winter outfits

Lately, I've been experimenting with a capsule wardrobe. It's basically a way of decluttering your wardrobe and filling it with basic articles that can be styled in multiple ways and are timeless. The following outfits achieve exactly that, basic style that is affordable yet super chic.‍


For those casual winter days when I am only going out for a walk, grocery shopping or for coffee, I don’t like to dress up too much so I go for a casual look which is effortless yet classy.

In this particular look, I have styled a turtle neck skin hugging pullover with oversized joggers in black and my most comfortable Skecher shoes. To give it that touch of classiness and some brightness, I chose a long winter coat in tan and my beloved Seidenfelt crossbody bag.

Turtle Neck Pullover - Orsay

Oversized Joggers - Nike

Long Coat - River Island

Shoes - Skechers

Crossbody Bag - Seidenfelt

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This look is for days when I feel like dressing up a bit more than usual. This outfit is perfect for brunch or a shopping day in the mall. What I loved about this outfit was how comfortable yet chic it was. For the base, I chose a basic V neck top and paired it with khaki pants and a pair of pointed ankle boots in black to match the top. To keep up with the chic theme, I chose to add the two-toned strap to my cross-body bag and added some texture to the outfit by choosing a teddy fur long jacket.

V Neck Top - ASOS

Khaki Pants - ASOS

Ankle Boots - OFFICE

Teddy Fur Jacket - Missguided

Crossbody Bag - Seidenfelt

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A formal and super classy look, my personal favorite for formal dinners and events. Here, you can see how I have worn almost the same style in two ways - so versatile!

The first outfit with an elegant white shirt with golden buttons, high-knee boots and a beautiful winter coat with big gold buttons screams classy! The other outfit with a black base, same coat and boots and a long scarf in deep red for that pop of color which I wore to a Christmas market. Unfortunately, I found this coat at TK Maxx and am unable to find it online. However, I have linked a similar coat with gold buttons.

Long Black Coat - River Island

White Shirt - River Island

Knee High Boots - Anna Field

Deep Red Scarf - ASOS

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